Natchitoches YRE
Group Walk




The walk starts at the Church Street Inn. Six of us met up and walked this YRE.

Pretty fountain in the Washington Street Plaza.

Bonnie, Helen, Brooke, Carol, and Ed posed along the waterfall leading down to the river.

Rogue House in River Park is a poteaux-en-terre
style Cajun construction. It is believed to be
the last one of its kind in Louisiana.

Hanging baskets along the Cane River .

Interesting story of how the bayou got its name.

Helen with the Steel Magnolia Sign.

House where the Steel Magnolia movie was filmed.

Walking on the campus of NW State College.

Grass littered with blooms.

Looks like this might be a sundial.
NW State College stadium.

American Cemetery dates back to the Louisiana Purchase.

Steel Magnolias marker in American Cemetery.

Marker on American Cemetery fence about the
transfer of ownership from Spain to France,
and then France to the United States. All
completed in a matter of hours.

St. Denis Oak believed to be 200 years old.

Ed and Carol with other side of St. Denis Oak.

Judge Porter B&B, Queen Anne Style circa 1912.

Snowball Bush still has lots of pretty blooms.

Old 1900 Texas and Pacific RR Depot is now City Courthouse.

Texas and Pacific RR Depot from 1926.

We walked through the cemetery of
St. Francis Roman Catholic Church.

First United Methodist Church built in 1963.

Old Parish Courthouse circa 1895 is now a museum.

Art Deco American Indian on the WPA
built Natchitoches Parish Courthouse.

Post Office Building.

Pretty Azalea Bush.