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Buffalo Bayou Volksmarch

Hickory Hollow BBQ was the walk start location.

Start registration line on the back patio.

Volksmarchers who started at the same time we did.

Crossing over the Jackson Hill Bridge.

View of Buffalo Bayou from the bridge.

Carol and Ed coming over the bridge.

Lost Lake.

Pedestrian bridge under Shepherd Drive.

View from the pedestrian bridge under Shepherd Street.

Texas Redbud in bloom along the bayou.

Ed, Carol, Catherine and Etoupe.

Ed and Carol on the trail.

Another view of the Houston skyline from the bayou.

Detoured off the walk route onto the Green Tree Nature Trail.

Bridge on the nature trail.

Kayakers on the bayou.

Two volksmarchers waiting for their friends to catch up.

Statue at the end of the bridge, is one of seven.

Another one of them.

Carol took my picture near the "Tolerance" sculptures.

Ed, Carol and the Houston Skyline.

"Listen" is one of several such signs along the trail.

Federal Reserve Bank.

Eagle in front of the bank.

Carol took my picture with "Spindle Piece".

Police Officer memorial.

Climbing on the memorial.

Carol at the fountain at the top of the memorial.

Looking down from the top of the memorial.

Carol took my picture at the top.

Ed waiting patiently for us to quit climbing on the memorial.

Skyline from the top of the memorial.

Agnes holding Chanel (volksmarching)
Jim and Jerry working the checkpoint.

Carol took our picture under the canoe archway.

Carol's picture of another redbud with the Houston skyline.

Ed and I with "Explore".

Trail continued under Memorial Drive.

Bridges over the bayou.

Last view of the bayou and skyline and we turn toward the finish.

Graffiti on the sign at the entrance to Spotts Park.

Overview of Spotts Park.

Carol on the trail in Spotts Park.

We caught up with Charliene and Bill.

Decorations inside Hickory Hollow BBQ
We stayed to eat lunch after the walk.