Baird Event
Callahan County




The walk started at the T&P Depot which is a beautiful building.

Old sign looks to have been restored with a new layer of paint.

Lollipop Manufacturer to the World?

Interesting arches.

Nice house hidden in the trees.

Front of the same house.

Nice cottage with a tower room.

Nice church.

Just a really nice house.

Texas and Pacific Train mural on the side of the antique store.

Very nice "Odd Fellows" building.

Volunteer Fire Department building.

1929 Classical Revival Courthouse is the counties 4th.

Camp Pecan, C.S.A. Memorial. Camp was 23 miles south of Baird.

War Memorial in front of the courthouse.

1936 Centennial Marker near the courthouse steps.

Marker to the “Bankhead Highway”. The Baird area was the mid-point
of the first all weather two lane highway from Savannah, GA to San Diego, CA.

Pioneers Marker on the courthouse lawn.

Eagles adorn the corners of the courthouse.

1910 Presbyterian Church.

Current Jail.

Information plaque on the side of the jail.

Belle Plain was originally the Callahan County Seat. That is where
this jail was originally built in 1878. After the railroad bypassed
the town, the county seat was moved to Baird. The jail was moved in 1883.

Pioneers Marker on the courthouse lawn.

The Bear’s Den Archway with Silver Bell.

Carol trying to tempt the Llama with some grass.

Ed on the trail.

First United Methodist Church.

Ross Cemetery Main Entrance arch.

Pavilion Crematorium in Ross Cemetery.

Neat Texas Birdhouse.

The Callahan County Hospital was built by the WPA in 1938-1939
in an Art Deco/Art Moderne style to serve the rural population
of Callahan County, Texas. It operated until 1966. The building
is currently used by the Texas Department of Human Services.